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3 Things To Look Out For When Receiving A Free Estimate

With Joplin’s blizzard season at an end, our office phones are ringing off the hook.  Many homeowners are seeking out both residential window and gutter cleaning estimates for their homes.  One such customer, who works from an office downtown, requested that we provide him an estimate via email.  I proceeded to explain to him that we insist on personal estimates, instead of giving estimates virtually. This ensures we do not over charge him for windows that we only see via the internet or photographs he provides. By being present for his window cleaning estimate, we can potentially cut out of pocket costs.  The conversation left me thinking about many different situations that homeowners should look for when seeking out residential cleaning estimates.  Have peace of mind and keep more money in your pocket with these following tips.


What Should I Look For?

window cleaning gutter cleaning joplin Missouri screen cleaning screen replacement

Dishonesty in Digital Window Cleaning Estimates

When seeking an estimate in any service industry, make sure that you receive an in-person estimate.  Some people are not aware of the dishonesty that is all too prevalent in any sales position.  Don’t give permission to vendors to look your home up on Google and only count the windows that are visible.  When they arrive for the job, they will upcharge you for windows that were not visible on the internet.  This is both immoral and unethical to our mission and to ensure you prevent future headaches, make sure your vendor provides in-person estimates.


Insurance, Liability and Certifications For Services

My second tip to ensuring a promising relationship with your window cleaning service is to make sure they have credentials.  Whichever company you choose must have both liability insurance and certification through whichever city they work.  Many window cleaning companies contract cheap work out to non-professional cleaners who are never vetted for their credentials.  They take on part time workers who are not required to provide background checks.  This means they are not screened of a criminal background or a history of drug or alcohol abuse.  These may not be the individuals you want on your property, let alone inside of your home.


Avoid Flat Rate Pricing To Avoid Headache

My final tip to seeking out a business for your window cleaning is to make beware of flat rate pricing.   Flat rate pricing can be misleading and cause you to overpay by the end of the job.  By receiving flat rate prices, companies may be charging your home the same price as homes that have less windows.  Trusting, reputable businesses will provide a window count and cost per window within your estimate.  No two window cleaning jobs are the same, and assuming they are only gives more power to dishonesty.  This is a staple of New Outlook Window Cleaning, as all our estimates are extremely thorough.  We include itemized pricing for each type, size, or elevation of each window to ensure exact pricing and prevent any up charging. There’s nothing more important than trusting those you are welcoming into your home.

By following these tips when searching for a window cleaning company in your area you can avoid the frustration that come with dishonesty.  In-person estimates allow you to put eyes on the company’s entity before you allow them in your home and to view their manner of professionalism before seeing their quality of work.  Liability insurance and certifications removes any doubt or fear of broken, damaged or stolen items from your home.  Avoiding flat rate pricing on your window cleaning estimate will keep you aware of the reasoning of your costs and allow you to understand your costs as opposed to flat rate pricing.

There are many things you can seek out, both before and after your estimate, to ensure the best window cleaning service possible.  Not all salesmen are sleazy, dishonest vultures seeking all your hard-earned money.  Like most aspects in life, you just need to surround yourself with good people. We at New Outlook Window Cleaning pride ourselves on fairness and honestly throughout the Joplin area, and we hope you find the same in whichever window cleaning company you decide to hire.  If you’re interested in a free estimate, please feel free to reach out to us and schedule an appointment!


window cleaning gutter cleaning joplin Missouri screen cleaning screen replacement

window cleaning gutter cleaning joplin Missouri screen cleaning screen replacement window cleaning gutter cleaning joplin Missouri screen cleaning screen replacement

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