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5 Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning

Growing up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, the Midwest winters always felt as though they lasted years.  But before you knew it, the snow would melt, flowers would bloom, and my allergies would put me down for the count.  We’d try our best to keep pollens out by cleaning, keeping the windows shut, and constantly running an air purifier.  I remember looking out my window only to find the leaves of our neighbor’s cottonwood tree caked to our windowpanes.  My father would spend hours scrubbing the windows clean only to leave streaks and water stains in the process.  He had no idea the type of benefits that professional window cleanings could give him.  And who knew the Midwest had some of the hardest water in the country?

It was not until I was older that I learned to truly appreciate the value of professional window cleaning companies.  They are trained in the industry’s best standards and are constantly updating their practices with new technologies and techniques.  If you are curious of the benefits of getting a professional window cleaning, you are in the right place.

Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning

window cleaning gutter cleaning joplin screen cleaning screen replacement

Cleanliness is Important Now More Than Ever

In a time in which cleanliness is important above all, keeping your windows clean from germs and microbes is a must.  Here at New Outlook, we understand your caution.  By promoting a safe and healthy lifestyle, we place great importance on being eco-friendly and green conscious.  Our non-toxic formula is proven to leave your clean windows glistening as if they were just installed in your home.  We also understand the importance of your loved ones and guarantee that our solutions are both pet and family friendly.

Add Curb Appeal & Show Your Neighbors You Care About Your Investments

Curbside appeal is extremely important to storefronts looking to increase foot traffic for their businesses.  There is nothing more unattractive for a prospecting client than a dirt-ridden, spider web infested windowpane.  If you want a great first impression for those interested in your business’s services, New Outlook recommends getting bi-weekly cleanings for your restaurant, retail space or office windows.  As far as residential properties, buying a home is a wonderful investment.  Would you buy a car and never get it washed?  Keeping your home clean and healthy will not only promote a cleaner community, it will also increase property values and show those around you that you care about preserving your home.

Protect Your Windowpanes to Prevent Damages

Just like the human body, windowpanes have pores. These pores fill up with salt, dirt and pollens that can leave permanent stains and streaks that will appear dirty and dingy.  To ensure you get the most out of your windows, making sure they are cleaned at least once a year is a must.  Let New Outlook scrub away your window’s acne. Our hyper-filtrated water system and refined cleaning solution to ensure your windows confidence is at an all-time high, year round.


Let the Sun Light in While Promoting Energy Efficiency

Dirt, grime and pollens pollute your panes and decrease the transparency of windows.  This can block sun from entering your home and only gets worse over time without scheduled cleanings.  With semi-annual residential cleanings, you can ensure your home is bright enough to complete your daily tasks without having to turn on your lights.  Utilize natural light during daytime and save on your electricity bills.  And it doesn’t hurt to allow your body to soak up a little vitamin D in the process.


Stay Safe and Leave It to The Professionals

Accidents happen and climbing a ladder to clean your windows can be quite dangerous if you are not trained to do so.  Here at New Outlook each one of our cleaners have been trained thoroughly in not only pre-cleaning preparations, but also on-the-job safety protocols.  Do you live in a multi-unit building or high rise? Through rigorous training programs through the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (S.P.R.A.T), New Outlook’s cleaners have been certified to clean windows with the use of ropes and specially designed tools that most would find impossible.  Do not allow your loved ones to risk injury and allow New Outlook to take care of your façade maintenance needs. Call for a FREE ESTIMATE today! (417)708-3635.


window cleaning gutter cleaning joplin Missouri screen cleaning screen replacement

window cleaning gutter cleaning joplin Missouri screen cleaning screen replacementwindow cleaning gutter cleaning joplin Missouri screen cleaning screen replacement

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