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Why Is Eco-Friendly Window Cleaning Important?

I was recently doing a residential window cleaning estimate and the homeowner was adamant on not washing her entryways. I had asked why she didn’t want to get them cleaned, seeing they were very dirty.  The rest of the home was requested to be cleaned, but why not the doors?  She said that her dog’s favorite hobby was sitting by the front door, people watching.  “But why wouldn’t you want your dog looking through a clear window?”, I joked.  She said that he spends most of his day watching people and licking the glass pane of her front door.  The chemicals used in most modern day cleaners seemed to scare her.  I assured her we were very conscious of our loved ones and that we strictly use non-toxic, eco-friendly window cleaning solutions, which put a smile on her face.

Here at New Outlook, we understand your wariness.  By promoting a safe and healthy lifestyle, we place great importance on eco-friendly window cleaning and being green conscious.  Our non-toxic formula and hyper-filtered water system are proven to leave your windows glistening as if they were just installed in your home.  But what does ‘Hyper-Filtered Water’ really mean?

Eco-Friendly Window Cleaning and Hyper-Filtered Water – What Is It?

Midwestern springs are some of the hardest water sources in the entire country. Cleaning your windows with this water will leave you with minerals and residue in the forms of streaking and ‘fogginess’. In order to negate this, we utilize a 3-stage water filtration purifier that prevents these issues.  Using a carbon filter, reverse osmosis, and a deionizer, even the Midwest’s dirtiest waters come out crystal clear.


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Three Stage Water Filtration: A Breakdown on Eco-Friendly Window Cleaning

New Outlook has perfected the craft in negating all issues that come with the use of hard water in your window cleaning.  All our cleaning vehicles use custom designed, three stage water filtration systems at every residential, commercial, and storefront window cleaning.  We place great importance on being both eco-friendly and green conscious, and our pre-wash protocol exercises that importance.  But what does each filter do?  That is a great question, and I am here to break down why we use each filter and how it will benefit the overall quality of your windows.

Stage 1:  Carbon Filtration to Increase Transparency

The carbon filter is the first step in the hyper-filtration process and is key in providing purity.  The use of carbon filters removes hard minerals such as carbon, calcium and zinc from your water source that can causes streaks and dinginess to your windows.  This will not only remove the hardiness of your water, but also protect your window for the long run.  This preserves your window by removing sediment buildup that would otherwise cake to your panes season after season.  You can wash a window 10 times, but if your water is not purified, it will look cloudy and less transparent.

Stage 2:  Reverse Osmosis to Remove That Pesky Bacteria

Our next step for our filtration system is the use of reverse osmosis. The R.O. filter extracts all the living organisms that are found in your water flow.  This can be anything from bacteria to fungus, all of which you do not want to spread on your windowpanes.  Where the carbon filter removes all sediments from your water, the R.O. filter removes the living matter.  I think we can all agree that removing bacteria from your water source is a good call.  It’s beneficial for not only your family and loved ones, but the longevity of your home as well.  You would be shocked to see how much a difference in clarity reverse osmosis can have on your water systems when it comes to purity.

Stage 3:  Deionizer to Magnetize Dirt and Grime

The final and most effective filter is our deionizer. The deionizer takes our purified water from our previous filters and prepares it for its cleaning stage.  Deionized water is looking to form with a molecular bond (I.E., your dirty windows) and latches on to the sediments and bacteria attached to your windowpane.  When the purified water, that is absent of both sediments and microbes, is deionized, it ‘thirsts’ bonding to a nearby host.  Think of it as a magnet scooping up metal.  The magnet is the deionized water, and the metal is sediment and organisms.  By using a deionizer, the water grips to the dirt and grime of your windows and allows our squeegees to clean in a way that would not be possible otherwise.


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We understand the importance of your household and guarantee that our solutions are both pet and family friendly.  In a time in which cleanliness is important above all, keeping your windows free from germs and microbes, while being environmentally friendly, is a must.  If the pandemic has showed us anything, it is that the safety of our loved ones is not worth compromising.  Put your home’s cleanliness in our hands and let us put a New Outlook on your view.


window cleaning gutter cleaning joplin Missouri screen cleaning screen replacement

window cleaning gutter cleaning joplin Missouri screen cleaning screen replacement window cleaning gutter cleaning joplin Missouri screen cleaning screen replacement

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